branding & website designs

freelance designer for Amy Burke Counseling


Amy had been practicing for a few months but only had a small social media presence. She wanted to create a consistent brand across social media, printed materials, and a new website. Amy wanted to incorporate dandelion imagery and wanted to use this blush pink color.



I always begin by asking who the client is trying to reach. Amy does a lot of work with children, so her main clients may not be her actual patients but instead their caregivers or case workers.

After that, I look into current trends for websites in that field, including popular templates from website builders. I end up with a lot of screenshots that I can then analyze for patterns in functionality and UI elements. This helps me understand what users are expecting to see when they look for a counselor. In this case, I was also able to reference my research from a previous project.

initial sketches
logo design

For logos, I always start with sketching on paper. Once I get a few ideas I want to explore more, I scan the sketches so I can elaborate on them more digitally. I pull these sketches into Illustrator and use both the image trace and pen tool features to convert the pencil sketches into vector designs. I always use free fonts so my clients don't have to worry about licensing in the future, and they guarantee a consistent design between print and web materials.

logo options
mockup & build

After completing the logo design, I created a home page and subpage examples for two different website designs. Amy already had the text content she would be using, so I was able to display that in the mockups for a more realistic view than generic lorem ipsum text.

The site was originally built as a static webpage, but after the go-live Amy decided she wanted more control over the content as well as the ability to add blog posts at some point in the future. At this point, I converted the original design into a WordPress theme.


This project was not only to design a mobile-friendly website but to design an entire brand identity. In addition to the web presence, I created a style guide for Amy. This included logo variations and fonts, plus the scenarios in which to use them. It also included colors with HEX, RGB, and CMYK values.

brand identity
brand identity
brand identity

I also provided Amy with collateral to use on social media to maintain a consistent brand identity.

facebook cover photo
Amy is currently in the process of getting licensed in a new state, so her practice and this site are no longer active. As such, I've removed her image to maintain her privacy.